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Privacy Policy

You make the choices about the way your information is collected and used

What personal information is collected?

Piano Play collects personal information for our records. We will collect your email, billing address, credit card info, phone number, and any other information we feel will help us best suit your needs.

How is the information collected?

Client information is collected at Piano Play Music Systems in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, California. Once parents enroll students in classes, they fill out enrollment forms requesting a billing address, phone number, age of child, birthdate and email address. If reservation/class fees are completed over the phone, parents will be asked to fill out enrollment forms on the first day of class. Credit card payments collected over the phone are done with the verbal consent of parents.

Why is the information collected?

Contact information (email, address, phone number etc.) is collected to update you on Piano Play upcoming events and news. Current information ensures timely billing. Phone numbers allow staff to contact parents in the event of an emergency. Knowing the birthdate of students allows us to recognize them on their special day.

Who will have access to the information?

Information given to Piano Play will only be reviewed and processed by its staff only. Piano Play administrators will have access to contact and account information.

What choices do you have?

Call (818) 789-6110 or email to be deleted from our system.

Can you review or correct personal information?

To correct or change information, contact Piano Play Music Systems at (818) 789-6110

What security measures are used to protect your personal information?

We input all personal information into our computer system. It can only be retrieved, changed or reviewed with a password.

How long will Piano Play honor its privacy policy?

Piano Play’s policy has been effective since 4/15/05. It will be updated as new features are added to the website. Customers at anytime will be permitted to have their information removed or changed.

Who is accountable for the organization’s privacy policy?

Our privacy policy will be monitored on a regular basis.


If you have questions on the privacy policy, contact us via phone, email or mail.

Piano Play Music Systems

14724 Ventura Boulevard, MZ Floor
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 789-6110 office

Note to Browsers Feel free to glance at our website without feeling obligated to submit personal information.

Children under 13 will not be asked for personal information. The Children’s Online Privacy Act prohibits websites from requesting contact data from minors. For more information on the privacy act, log onto the California Department of Consumer Affairs website


Your phone number, address, email and age of birth will only be used for billing and contact purposes. We will not send it to telemarketing companies or compromise your privacy in anyway. Credit card information is only collected from parents. Piano Play is here to teach piano and in the process nurture a future famous musician. If for some reason, Piano Play no longer fits your musical needs, all personal information will be deleted from our system.

Questions about the privacy policy or classes, please call us at 818-789-6110.